Homemade Soup for You

“What’s for dinner?” The eternal question for just about everyone I know. I have the answer – soup from The Soup Nancy. No time? Heat up some soup in a couple of minutes. Different schedules? No problem, the soup is in the fridge. Too tired? Effortless soup heating. Existential angst? Soup is good for your soul.

I just made your life so easy. You’re welcome.

How to Order

The weekly menu is updated on Sunday afternoon. Place your order by 5pm on Wednesday for pick up or delivery on the following Sunday or Monday between 10am-1pm. Please indicate the quantity and soup(s) you wish to purchase. Payment is via Venmo or Zelle at the time your order is placed, or exact cash at the time of pick up/delivery.

All soups are available in one quart containers. I can only take a fixed number of orders each week, so when I’m sold out, that’s it folks, no soup for you.

I’m not a fan of one time use plastic as is it is not environmentally friendly. Please return any containers that you get from me at your next order pick-up/delivery. I will sanitize them and reuse.

Delivery is available for a $2.50 fee within the boundaries of 87th St. on the north, 115th St. on the south, California on the west, and Beverly/Vincennes on the east.

Weekly Menu

Sorry. No soup for you.

Broke my arm and am out for the rest of the season.

Thai Green Curry – Rich and aromatic with vibrant flavors. Coconut milk, rice noodles, green curry, garlic, ginger, basil, cilantro. Add your own squeeze of lime. (Veggie stock.) …$14

Cabbage Bean Veggie – Warm up with this light, flavorful and good for you soup. Cabbage, fire-roasted tomato, white beans, carrot, celery, onion, chili powder, herbs and spices. (Veggie stock.) …$13

If I’m sold out, you can add yourself to the waitlist, and if I end up with extra, I’ll let you know via text on Saturday.

Soup stocks are made from scratch with fresh ingredients – no boxed or canned stocks here. This means a better soup for you. Lower sodium, fresh ingredients, no preservatives.

Allergy note: everything is prepared in a home kitchen in potential proximity to dairy, wheat, and nuts.